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Nerdy Barn Wedding at Landhaus Hui Wäller

„I love you.“ – „I know.“


If you’re familiar with this quote from STAR WARS, you’ll probably dig what’s coming next. Anna and Stefan, who got to know each other back at university, may be quite different in their personalities – SHE describes herself as creative, chaotic and warm-hearted whereas HE says he’s the rational, caring and humourous one- but they go together like r2d2 and c3po. OK, admittedly I might not be the best at making STAR WARS references, but you know what I’m trying to say, don’t you?

What they have in common though is a great love for music, gaming and – for nerdy stuff! I loved the idea of including this theme into their wedding day, for example with the decoration on the tables.

Anna und Stefan enjoyed a quick first look in the garden before heading to church and celebrated the rest of the day at a barn. A few highlights of the day (for me) were: The relaxed atmosphere, those little brains for decoration (aren’t they cute?!) and the colourful fog during the couple session.


venue: Landhaus Hui Wäller

Miriam Peuser Photography

© Miriam Peuser Photography.