one upon a time

Fairy Tales

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was dreaming all the time, who lived in a world of his own. Whose eyes began to shine every time her mother read to her from the heavy, white fairytale book before going to bed. Who used to paint and draw for hours imagining figures and adventures. Who felt best beeing outside, the fresh air in her hair, her feet in the soft grass. Who enjoyed the silence and deepness of the woods, the full green, the earthy odour. Who pictured mythical creatures and fairies behind every tree and bush. That little girl was me.

My fairytale-themed pictures are near and dear to me. I want to tell stories through them, awaken deep, almost forgotten childhood memories, be creative. At that, it’s not (only) about famous and classical fairytales but about some enchanted, mysterious feeling. The effort is very different – sometimes I’m planning for months, thinking about every detail of the shot whereas at other times an idea comes to life rather spontaneously. 

„Spring Fairy“ (2022)

Model/MakeUp: Kiana
/Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser
Wings: Hello Faerie

„Greeting Dawn“ (2021)

Model/Dress/Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser

„Daughter of the Forest“ (2021)

Model: Emely | Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser | Assistance: Miriam

„Spring Geisha“ (2021)

Model/Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„Autumn Magic“ (2020)

Model/Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„Moonlight Spells“ (2020)

Model/Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„The Lady of the Lake“ (2020)

Model/Styling/Editing/: Miriam Peuser | Photo: Marcel

„The Legend of the Sword“ (2020)

Model: Gerd | Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„The Sunken King“ (2020)

Model: Gerd | Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„Queen of Winter“ (2020)

Model: Miriam | Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser | Assistance: Marcel

„Ravens“ (2019)

Model/Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„Heather Dreams“ (2019)

Model: Nina | Photo/Styling/Editing: Miriam Peuser | Headpiece: Ayalga

„The Forest Elf“ (2019)

Model/Styling/Editing/Photo: Miriam Peuser

„Fallen Moon“ (2019)

Model/Styling/Editing: Miriam Peuser | Photo: David

„Crimson Silence“ (2017)

Model/Styling: Nina | Photo/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser

„Violet Dusk“ (2017)

Model: Rahel | Photo/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser

„Red Dawn“ (2017)

Model: Marie | Photo/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser

„Blue Twilight“ (2016)

Model/Editing/Styling/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Photo: Linda

„Autumn’s Song“ (2016)

Model: Juliette | Photo/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Assistance: Nele

„The Highland Witch“ (2016)

Model/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Photo: David

„A Wall of Flowers“ (2016)

Model: Johanna  |  Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser

„Spring is Coming“ (2015)

Model/Editing/Styling/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Photo: Rainer

„Down by the Riverside“ (2015)

Model: Jessy  |  Photo/Editing/Styling: Miriam Peuser

„Alice in Wonderland – A Mad Tea Party“ (2015)

Models: Alexa & Moritz |Photo/Editing/Costumes: Miriam Peuser & Moritz | Make-Up/Styling: Miriam Peuser & Nele Fink | Assistance: Nele, David, Deborah, Rainer, Tobias | Special Thanks: Hannelore, Roswitha, Hermine

„Alice in Wonderland – The Red Queen“ (2014)

Models: Alexa & Grit | Photo/Editing/Costumes: Miriam Peuser | Make-Up/Styling: Miriam Peuser

„Alice in Wonderland – The White Queen“ (2015)

Model: Fräulein Unhöflich (Monja) | Photo/Editing/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Make-Up/Styling: Miriam Peuser | Assistance: Christina, Erik

„(I will never stop) Dreaming“ (2014)

Model/Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser

„Spirit of Autumn“ (2014)

Model: Anna | Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser | Costume/Styling/Make-Up: Miriam Peuser | Assistence: Linda

„The Disappearing“ (2013)

Model/Photo/Editing/Styling: Miriam Peuser

„Fairy Lights“ (2013)

Model/Photo/Editing/Styling/Costume: Miriam Peuser

„Bringer of Autumn“ (2013)

Model/Editing/Styling/Costume: Miriam Peuser | Photo: Rainer

„Madame Butterfly“ (2014)

Model: Vera |Photo/Editing: Miriam Peuser | Styling/Costume: Miriam Peuser & Vera

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