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Honestly, I can’t find any words. Okay, let’s say I seem struggle to find the right words to FULLY transport the feeling of this magical wedding that took place back in August 202. In a lighthouse. At the beach. In Denmark. Yes, you heard that correctly. I had the honour to document Lena & Dominik’s micro destination wedding up north and it was an adventure!

As you know, I love travelling, taking photos while doing so and weddings, so this was truly a dream come true! When Lena asked me to be their wedding photographer I was over the moon and very hyped. I asked: Why Denmark? Actually, it’s pretty simple. Their dream was to tie the knot on top of a lighthouse and Denmark seemed to be very uncomplicated when it comes to bureaucracy. Also, it’s quite close to Germany, so you only have to cross one border. Still, it’s a 9 hour drive from where I live to the Danish island Ærø and together with the maid of honour, her boyfriend and the bride’s mother we started our journey on Friday, the wedding took place on Saturday and we headed home on Sunday, sooo… that’t that, haha. 😀

But nevertheless, it was SO amazing! I really enjoyed the adventure and was greeted with amazing golden light during our ferry ride on Friday evening, before having a little get-together with everyone at the Bed and Breakfast. By the way, if you’re ever thinking about staying in Ærøskobing, make sure you stay at the ultimately beautiful Vestergade 44, which was a dream come true with its many details and tastefully decorated rooms, the large garden and the ambience!

The wedding day itself started very laid-back with a gorgeous breakfast, followed by the getting ready of Lena and her bridesmaid.  Louise from Danish Island Weddings , the wedding planer team behind Lena & Dominik’s elopement, delivered the flower crown and bouquet herself and Lena looked like an elegant woodland nymph.

We headed to the beach and I immediately faced the next challenge: How in the world was I going to climb up the tiny and narrow staircase with my cameras? 😀 But I made it, though it took some time, and documented the short, but lovely ceremony with plain sight of the ocean, surrounded by the wind and sun. A highlight for me was definitely the self-sung song (say that three times in a row!) of Lena that was played when they first saw each other!

After tying the knot, they were greated with a rain of flower petals by their loved ones and enjoyed a nice little slice of cake and toasted to their love with a sip of champagne right next to the lighthouse before heading to the beach with me for a quick couple session – what a treat!

After a short break (in which I couldn’t help but examine the pictures in my camera, haha) we strolled through the beautifully colourful streets of Ærøskobing and headed over to a restaurant to celebrate a bit more. Lastly, we all sat together at the BnB (in our cosy outfits), drank Limoncello and talked about everything and nothing – I loved it!

It was a wonderful experience and I’m so, so thankful for this opportunity, this adeventure and of course for my lovely couple Lena + Dominik – please stay just the way you are, guys! It was a blast with you – thanks for having me! <3

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