Fun Summer Family Session

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It is always a true pleasure to be documenting people’s lifes, especially when I meet the same group of people over and over again in different stages of their lifes. A few years ago I shot Lena + Flo’s wedding and since then I got to shoot his sister’s pregnancy, wedding and first newborn baby – and now, the whole family. It was so nice to see everybody again for a smmery family session in the fields not far from their home.

When it comes to family sessions, it is very important to me that everything is relaxed and easy-going. No stiff procedures, just you and whatever comes to your (or my) mind! When there is more than a single group of people, you also have the chance to get shots of different constellations, for example partens + kids, couples, grannies … You get my drift 🙂 And that’s what we did this time and we had a lot of fun during the session!

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