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Soft Magnolia

Beneath the magnolia tree, full of lush blossoms. A soft colour palette. The essence of spring.
How we met

Blue & Gold Winter Wedding

When two hearts find each other, the one can’t beat without the other. „They are no longer two, but one flesh“ (Matthew 19:4-6). Sarah and Philipp didn’t chose this very popular verse by accident: When Sarah moved to the UK to work there, Philipp followed soon after to my favourite city, London.

There’s no place like London, 2016

LONDON. I never dared to blog about you. Because I don’t know what to say, to be honest. I have no idea how to express what I feel, when I think about you. But I will try now…

A Winter Editorial

The weather is always a major factor when it comes to a photo shoot. Especially in winter, it is difficult to plan ahead with this unpredictability. And when I picked up Marie from the train station, the expected sun wasn’t there, but instead it was really foggy.

A London Engagement

For their engagement session, I travelled to my favourite city and second home and we spent a warm afternoon enjoying the autumnal colours all around us…

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