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Hello, Winter!

Draußen fallen die Schneeflocken, wie in Zeitlupe. Winzig kleine und große, um die Wette tanzend. Ich schaue ihnen zu und frage mich, wie lange sie wohl schon auf ihrer Reise unterwegs sind. Irgendwie magisch, das Ganze – nicht von dieser Welt. La…
How we met

Unreal Mallorca, 2017

Gosh, where to begin? Okay, let’s just start by saying that I actually never thought I’d like Mallorca. The first things that came to my mind when thinking of Mallorca were party animals, drunken jerks on the beach and bad taste in music. I mean, really bad music. Nothing more to it, really. Oh, had I been wrong!

Good bye, Autumn!

Having pets means you have to care for them around the clock. Of course, this can be exhausting, but people with pets would all agree, that it’s the best job in the world!

There’s a little pumpkin on the way!

I enjoyed this little family-to-be session so much, you guys! These two were so lovely and we had a lot of fun in the colourful autumn forest near my home capturing this special phase before a couple becomes a little family.

An emotional summer wedding

You know, sometimes a wedding just blows my mind. And I’m not talking about awesome decoration here (well, that’s also a very important thing, of course), but about emotion. About intimacy and authenticity. With Frances and Patrik, it was just a perfect day, I couldn’t describe it any other way. Everyone was so happy for them and the atmosphere almost burst of love.

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