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Trau’ dich!

Wann hast du dich zum letzten Mal so richtig schön, weiblich und selbstbewusst gefühlt? Wohl in deinem Körper? Zufrieden mit dir selbst? Wir alle kennen es: Es gibt Dinge, die wir an unseren Körpern nicht mögen…

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Iceland Editorial

It was truly a day well spent. On our trip to Iceland we had rough winds, snow storms and bitter cold – and then there was THIS day. Julia and I found a beautiful hot spring and basically spent the whole day there until our fingers looked like we were 100 years old!

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A Winter Editorial

The weather is always a major factor when it comes to a photo shoot. Especially in winter, it is difficult to plan ahead with this unpredictability. And when I picked up Marie from the train station, the expected sun wasn’t there, but instead it was really foggy.

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Miriam Peuser Photography

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