A secret winter wedding

Ihr habt eure Familien mit eurer standesamtlichen Hochzeit überrascht. Wann und warum habt ihr euch dazu entschieden?

Die Idee kam eigentlich spontan während wir in Hochzeitszeitschriften geblättert haben, um uns Inspirationen für unsere Hochzeit zu holen. Dabei sind wir über einen Artikel über „Trojan/ Ambush Weddings“  gestoßen. Bei diesen Überraschungshochzeiten werden die Gäste unter einem anderen Vorwand eingeladen und erfahren quasi erst beim Eintreffen, dass sie auf einer Hochzeit  gelandet sind.

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An emotional summer wedding

You know, sometimes a wedding just blows my mind. And I’m not talking about awesome decoration here (well, that’s also a very important thing, of course), but about emotion. About intimacy and authenticity. With Frances and Patrik, it was just a perfect day, I couldn’t describe it any other way. Everyone was so happy for them and the atmosphere almost burst of love.

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Colombian barn wedding

What I love about Catalina and Anton is that they knew exactly what they wanted for their wedding: They wanted to have a great day along with their loved ones in a stylish and lovingly decorated barn, the colour of the day being lavender (literally). They both live and work in Colombia, but due to Anton’s German roots, they decided to have a destination wedding in Rottweil, Southern Germany.

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Vintage wedding in a theatre

When Vanessa and Pascal visited me last year, I knew right away, that this wedding would be amazing. They dreamed of a cosy and authentic wedding with many, many details. And YES, they achieved it – in fact, they exceeded my expectations (Vanessa would say „Told you so!“:D)!

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Bavarian tent wedding

Maria had been following me a long time on Social Media and when she and Mathias got engaged, she asked me to be their wedding photographer. The thing is, many couples might think it’s essential to book a photographer, who lives nearby. But I believe this is wrong. If you find the ONE photographer that appeals to you – in terms of style and personality – the distance doesn’t matter.

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