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Sensual Boudoir Session with Peonies

What you think of yourself is much more important than what other people think of you.
How we met

Luisa+Justus’ dreamy engagement session

“If I had known that being married changes so much (in a positive way), I would’ve said YES way earlier!”

Precious Moments in a Rapeseed Field

When you’re having a long distance relationship, you have to make every moment spent together special. Laura and Logan met during an exchange in the U.S. and have since been inseparable – well, except for the Atlantic Ocean of course, and that’s a big one.

Nurcan & Dogan’s White Cherry Shoot

Originally, Dogan wanted to surprise his wife Nurcan with a secret couple shoot one day before her birthday, but unfortunately she guessed what was going to happen before they arrived at the beautiful location with white cherry blossoms. Nevertheless,  she was so happy and despite the cold temperatures we had a lovely time and it was so great seeing those two again!

Anna & Jan

I’m always so grateful to live in a country that has beautifully colourful autumn woods – They make just the perfect backdrop for engagement images, see for yourself!
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