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Anna & Jan

I’m always so grateful to live in a country that has beautifully colourful autumn woods – They make just the perfect backdrop for engagement images, see for yourself!
How we met

Autumnal Wedding at Landgasthof Saalburg

When Frankfurt’s modern lifestyle meets the laid-back attitude of Germany’s north …

Golden Hour Love

Oh, summer … What I absolutely love about summer are long days and endless, golden sunlight. Especially, when the grass is high and turns brown, there is such a magical atmosphere everywhere, which always reminds me of my childhood days, strolling through the wildflower fields and sleeping under the stars along with the sound of thousands of crickets.

Fun Summer Family Session

It is always a true pleasure to be documenting people’s lifes, especially when I meet the same group of people over and over again in different stages of their lifes. A few years ago I shot Lena + Flo’s wedding and since then I got to shoot his sister’s pregnancy, wedding and first newborn baby – and now, the whole family.

A Cosy Spring Engagement Session

„2020: This is my year and I will do all of the things“ – at least that’s what the big calendar on my wall says. Oh, boy … Well, I think it’s safe to say that everything turned out differently than expected.
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