Reykjavik couple session

Oh, Iceland. There are no words to describe your beauty. Julia and I were strolling through town, visiting the old flea market at the harbour, when we spotted a cute couple.

 At first, we hesitated to approach them to ask them if they were interested in a couple session, but then again – Who cares? And, thank God, we did! In fact, it was Miriam’s birthday and Claudio told us they were about to have a lovely evening with nice food and watching the Nothern Lights.

We met next day and started right in the middle of the city at a typically icelandic looking yellow wall before heading back to the harbour, enjoying or view of the blue water and the snowy mountains. After that, we headed to the famous KEX hostel, which used to be, fun fact, an old biscuit factory, and warmed up while reading magazines and finished our shoot right in front of a beautiful map of Icleand – you ice cold beauty! Hope to see you again soon 😉

Miriam Peuser Photography

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