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Jenni & Karsten’s Classy August Wedding

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Das große Glück in der Liebe besteht darin,

Ruhe in einem anderen Herzen zu finden.


Long story short: Karsten accidently spilled his bottle of beer on Jennifer and 16 years later she finds a ring in her advent calendar. Last summer they tied the knot on a VERY hot day near Wasserschloss Crottorf, which is absolutely stunning! Her beautiful and airy dress by IamYours was perfect for this kind of weather (I always recommend renouncing hoop skirts) and despite the melting sun, everyone was having a good time ! After the ceremony in the cool of the church, Jenni and Karsten were greeted by floral confetti – what a great sustainable alternative 🙂

At Wildenburger Hof, everything was decorated in black, white and mint (love this colour!) – and as gifts for their guests, the bridal couple provided M&Ms with their names and image on it, so fun (and also yummy, I couldn’t wait to eat them – also they would’ve melted if I hadn’t eaten them right away, don’t judge me :D)!  The whole day was full of relaxed summer vibes, but see for yourself 🙂 Btw, can you spot my favourite image of the day?


bride’s dress: IamYours, Düsseldorf (Catherine Deane)

capelet: Jenny Yoo

head piece: Ivory & Co.

groom’s suit: Roy Robson

bow tie: Venti

location: Wildenburger Hof, Friesenhagen

flowers: Die Blume, Kirchen

music at ceremony: Kate Healey & Björn Hintze

cake: Kuchenschlösschen, Kirchen

Miriam Peuser Photography

© Miriam Peuser Photography.