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Emotional Tent Wedding At Schloss Neuenstein


After Flo surprised Mel with a proposal while they were on holiday (they were riding on a horse-drawn carriage through the snow when Mel suddenly spotted candle-light in the shape of a heart), they asked me to be their wedding photographer and I am so grateful to have witnessed this special day full of emotions!

Mel told me she’d stop the time to spend even more time with Flo and the people she loves and Flo answered my question, what he’d do if he could: I’d to all of it again. This just melts my heart! They’re so meant for each other and there’s no way anybody could doubt it. They care so much for each other and all of their friends and their close family made this day so very special for them.

The first tear was shed when Mel touched glasses with her girlfriends, but it shouldn’t be the last. Their free ceremony touched everyone and when Flo saw Mel in her dress for the first time, there was no holding back.

They celebrated in a tent with simplistic decorations with blue details and a very special moment that I will never forget was when Flo’s sister made them wear funny masks and told them they had to dance in front of everybody – what they didn’t know was that all their guests proceeded to go outside and when the bride and groom joined them, they were welcomed by a sea of sparklers along with a musical surprise and fireworks. What a night!

bride’s dress via: Marie Bernal

make-up: Stilgeschichten by Dunja Hess

hairstyling: Haarstudio Janina Pfeiffer

Floristik: Gärtnerei Füller

groom’s suit: Donna Fashion

venue: Schloss Neuenstein

wedding cake: Feinbäckerei Nolte


Miriam Peuser Photography

© Miriam Peuser Photography.