A land of Ice and Fire, 2017

When I first heard about the Iceland Workshop by Sascha Krämer and Marko Marinkovicin autumn of 2016, I thought to myself: „Yeaaah, sure. Dream on.“ You know, travelling to Iceland was always a big dream of mine. This spectacular nature, so impressive and rough, so unpredictable. And learning from Sascha and Marko was just too tempting.

And when I finally finished my studies at university in December, I didn’t think long and dediced to DREAM BIG instead. I was going to ICELAND!

During the two days of the wedding photography workshop at Heradsskolinn Boutique Hostel, I got to know many nice and lovely people from Germany, Croatia, Belgium, Austria and the Swiss, learned a lot about myself, about my business and my way of working and had lots of fun shooting Josefin and Freddy, our two brave models, who endured heavy wind (DUDE! Literally, Iceland blew me away), rain, snow and of course, the cold with only their wedding outfits on (dress by I Am Yours).

Sascha and Marko are very different from each other and I enjoyed these two perspectives and ways of working and learning from them (my to-do-list grew sooo much more since the workshop and I can’t wait to put all of the input into practice!) . Furthermore, I think with their open and likeable nature, they function quite well together and it was a pleaure to see them talking about their passion with so much heart’s blood. THANK YOU so much for this adventure!!

After the two workshop days, we explored the country a bit more while being based in Reykjavik, along with geysirs, hot springs, waterfalls, the Viking Museum and much more

– see for yourself, it’s absolutely stunning!



Miriam Peuser Photography

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