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A Dream Barn Wedding At Hofgut Dagobertshausen


Since I started doing wedding photography, I always wanted to shoot barn weddings – I just love the atmosphere, the possibilities and the styling with old and modern elements. To me, a beautiful barn is the perfect venue for an event like a wedding!  An especially beautiful barn can be found in Dagobertshausen, a tiny village near Marburg. Every room is different and there are so many details (which is, of course, amaaaazing for me!), that I discovered during Julia’s very relaxed getting ready.

During the getting ready, I like to gather all the accessories (jewelry, shoes, flowers, …) and stage them in different ways (as you will see while scrolling down), while the bride enjoys her styling. The day started with lovely weather and along with her cute little son, her bridesmaid, her mother and her mother-in-law, Julia got dressed in a gorgeous modern and dreamy gown by Rembo Styling and Daniela did a great job with the hair & make-up!

Meanwhile, Michael was out and about in the venue’s garden, preparing the final steps for the ceremony by arranging wooden tables and so on, accompanied by his best man. The free ceremony was about to be held outside by Bella, who’s just such a good and lovely soul. It was emotional, funny and overall authentic. I especially loved the personal ritual including every guest bringing a little bit of water from home (wherever they’re from) and pouring it into a bowl along with their good wishes for the bridal couple. Julia and Michael’s bridesmaid and best man then had to pour the water over the bridal couple’s hands. I had never seen this ritual before and I think its symbolism is just so beautiful and I love the fact that everyone is involved into the process!

The whole day was just so full of love and laughter and even when flood-like rain suprised us, Julia just danced and was happy (let’s see if you can spot the image showing exactly this!) and the wedding party danced the night away to super talented DJ Freddy’s work!


dress – Rembo Styling

bridal styling – Daniela Riwoldt

flowers – Kochanow. 

ceremony – Momentlichkeit – Freie Trauungen mit Bella

live music – Charley Corbiaux

venue – Hofgut Dagobertshausen

DJ – Einfach Freddy

Miriam Peuser Photography

© Miriam Peuser Photography.