When Frankfurt’s modern lifestyle meets the laid-back attitude of Germany’s north …

Julia and Holger fell in love at work and have ever since been inseparable – even to the ends of the world and back, for their big passion is travelling. That’s why our first meeting didn’t actually happen in person, but via video call from Laos, Myanmar – I loved it!

Of course travelling had to play a certain role on their wedding day, so you might spot hints here and there (e.g. during the ritual of the free ceremony held by the lovely and talented Nadine Stauch).

Before the ceremony, Julia and Holger decided to share the special moment of seeing each other as bride and groom for the first time with an intimate ‚first look‘ in the colourful autumn leaves and looking back, I just love the positive energy they both radiated.

The whole day was full of fun and love and the party at the Landgasthof Saalburg was just great!




„We knew each other quite a while, but we never told each other what we felt. Then someday at a party I handed him my phone after having set it to ‚add new contact‘ and then simply left to use the toilet. When I came back, he gave me my phone back and was smiling. Now I had his number and this is where the ball started rolling.“

Three years later, I got to document the wedding of N+K at Grube Fortuna. They told me, they wanted to have a very emotional and personal day with their families and loved ones and this is exactly what they got. The selfmade decoration with lots of eucalyptus added a special and festive atmosphere in the tent at the venue and we even got to shoot the portraits in the wonderfully golden evening light (YEEEESSS!).




What I love about weddings? They’re always different. Every couple has their own style, their own preferences, their own personalities. And I LOVE how my couples don’t hold back when it comes to showing all this! For example: There are so many trends concerning weddings on the internet – boho, classic, vintage, … – you name it. And I know it’s difficult to choose and to stick to only one concept. But does it really have to be this way? Anne and Matthias had a different idea: Why not combine two concepts – Industrial and Greenery! 

They decided to celebrate their wedding in a very special venue, the Stöffelpark. The location originally was a stone quarry and the industrial charme from older days still remain in the stony halls and rooms. The tent however, in which the bridal couple decided to have their tables set, was a different sight with all the green plants on the tables and even hanging from the ceiling. It was just the perfect combination for the two lovebirds! 

After an easygoing getting ready with both the bride and groom (and also good music! – PRO tip: Create a playlist for your getting ready and thank me later :D), they said YES in a big, richly decorated church. Before heading to the Stöffelpark, they then got surprised by a capella songs of two choirs, including the bride’s father.

Despite the occasional rain, we managed to take some portraits with the surrounding industrial area and two highlights of the day were definitely the individual guest book (The couple filled up a barrel with THEIR OWN WHISKEY – YES, you heard that right. If you know me, you know this is just the BEST. THING. EVER!) and the performance of the groom and his band during the night (Gotta love couples with a good taste of music!).


bride’s dress: Brautmoden Hartmann (Betzdorf)
bride’s bouquet and floral wreath: Die Strauss-Wirtschaft (Guckheim)
flowers at the venue: Floristik Lorenz (Limburg)
styling: Inna Enns Hair & Make-up (Schenkelberg)
groom’s outfit: Blum Herrenausstatter (Montabaur)
stationery: Anika Merten Design & Illustration (Köln)
venue: Stöffelpark (Enspel)
catering & cake: Enks Heiße Pfanne (Hadamar-Oberzeuzheim)
tent & furniture: Festservice Much (Limburg)


A february wedding that wasn’t really wintery. Two very lovely people who just belong together.  A home match in the beautiful historic city of Herborn. And a silvery shimmering sea of leaves in the golden winter light. 🖤

Welcome to the wedding of Carina + Holger!



„I love you.“ – „I know.“

If you’re familiar with this quote from STAR WARS, you’ll probably dig what’s coming next. Anna and Stefan, who got to know each other back at university, may be quite different in their personalities – SHE describes herself as creative, chaotic and warm-hearted whereas HE says he’s the rational, caring and humourous one- but they go together like r2d2 and c3po. OK, admittedly I might not be the best at making STAR WARS references, but you know what I’m trying to say, don’t you?

What they have in common though is a great love for music, gaming and – for nerdy stuff! I loved the idea of including this theme into their wedding day, for example with the decoration on the tables.

Anna und Stefan enjoyed a quick first look in the garden before heading to church and celebrated the rest of the day at a barn. A few highlights of the day (for me) were: The relaxed atmosphere, those little brains for decoration (aren’t they cute?!) and the colourful fog during the couple session.

venue: Landhaus Hui Wäller



„I love you more than french fries!“ (Marlies) – That says it all, doesn’t it?

Marlies and Wayne had such a beautiful wedding day full of family, emotions and music! And when I say music, I mean MUSIC! The Dutch-German couple celebrated in the very dancing school that Wayne asked Marlies to become his wife at – isn’t that amazing? Also, Marlies surprised her groom one with an original (!) song during the ceremony – and everyone was in tears of joy, what a beautiful gift for someone who is a musician himself! (As you will see later in the pictures, Wayne played for his guests and his bride along with his amazing band!) :)

I especially liked the individuality in Marlies and Wayne’s wedding: Just look at this stunning wedding arch with french fries made by the couple’s friends :D – I’m in loooove!

Everyone was having a blast and (literally) danced the night away – and Marlies and Wayne rocked their first wedding dance with a performace of „Let it go“ from Frozen (Can you spot the very image?) :)


dress: Marie Bernal

bride’s jewellery: Thomas Sabo

bride’s shoes: Rainbow Club

suit: Benvenuto

groom’s shoes: Lloyd

flowers: Martijn Pouw

stationery: Carino Karten

cake: Jenn’s Tortenstudio

venue: Tanzschule Taktgefühl

Live Music: So Green





Since I started doing wedding photography, I always wanted to shoot barn weddings – I just love the atmosphere, the possibilities and the styling with old and modern elements. To me, a beautiful barn is the perfect venue for an event like a wedding!  An especially beautiful barn can be found in Dagobertshausen, a tiny village near Marburg. Every room is different and there are so many details (which is, of course, amaaaazing for me!), that I discovered during Julia’s very relaxed getting ready.

During the getting ready, I like to gather all the accessories (jewelry, shoes, flowers, …) and stage them in different ways (as you will see while scrolling down), while the bride enjoys her styling. The day started with lovely weather and along with her cute little son, her bridesmaid, her mother and her mother-in-law, Julia got dressed in a gorgeous modern and dreamy gown by Rembo Styling and Daniela did a great job with the hair & make-up! 

Meanwhile, Michael was out and about in the venue’s garden, preparing the final steps for the ceremony by arranging wooden tables and so on, accompanied by his best man. The free ceremony was about to be held outside by Bella, who’s just such a good and lovely soul. It was emotional, funny and overall authentic. I especially loved the personal ritual including every guest bringing a little bit of water from home (wherever they’re from) and pouring it into a bowl along with their good wishes for the bridal couple. Julia and Michael’s bridesmaid and best man then had to pour the water over the bridal couple’s hands. I had never seen this ritual before and I think its symbolism is just so beautiful and I love the fact that everyone is involved into the process!

The whole day was just so full of love and laughter and even when flood-like rain suprised us, Julia just danced and was happy (let’s see if you can spot the image showing exactly this!) and the wedding party danced the night away to super talented DJ Freddy’s work!


dress – Rembo Styling

bridal styling – Daniela Riwoldt

flowers – Kochanow. 

ceremony – Momentlichkeit – Freie Trauungen mit Bella

live music – Charley Corbiaux

venue – Hofgut Dagobertshausen

DJ – Einfach Freddy







Das große Glück in der Liebe besteht darin,

Ruhe in einem anderen Herzen zu finden.


Long story short: Karsten accidently spilled his bottle of beer on Jennifer and 16 years later she finds a ring in her advent calendar. Last summer they tied the knot on a VERY hot day near Wasserschloss Crottorf, which is absolutely stunning! Her beautiful and airy dress by IamYours was perfect for this kind of weather (I always recommend renouncing hoop skirts) and despite the melting sun, everyone was having a good time ! After the ceremony in the cool of the church, Jenni and Karsten were greeted by floral confetti – what a great sustainable alternative :)

At Wildenburger Hof, everything was decorated in black, white and mint (love this colour!) – and as gifts for their guests, the bridal couple provided M&Ms with their names and image on it, so fun (and also yummy, I couldn’t wait to eat them – also they would’ve melted if I hadn’t eaten them right away, don’t judge me :D)!  The whole day was full of relaxed summer vibes, but see for yourself :) Btw, can you spot my favourite image of the day?


bride’s dress: IamYours, Düsseldorf (Catherine Deane)

capelet: Jenny Yoo

head piece: Ivory & Co.

groom’s suit: Roy Robson

bow tie: Venti

location: Wildenburger Hof, Friesenhagen

flowers: Die Blume, Kirchen

music at ceremony: Kate Healey & Björn Hintze

cake: Kuchenschlösschen, Kirchen