Although Corona thwarted everyone’s plans for 2020, I somehow was blessed to be able to capture both the cherry blossoms and these lovely violet lupines. There are fields of them everywhere around my village, so we took our chance to capture the special phenomenon along with the beautiful baby belly of Carina.I’m in love with the images and I hope, you’re, too!


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It was truly a day well spent. On our trip to Iceland we had rough winds, snow storms and bitter cold – and then there was THIS day. Julia and I found a beautiful hot spring and basically spent the whole day there until our fingers looked like we were 100 years old :D

Honestly, If you have the opportunity to relax in one of these, natural stones on the ground and surrounded by the beautiful Icelandic landscape – it’s the best!

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes. After this very nice trip to the hot spring, Julia and I decided to have a little shoot on our way back to our apartment in Reykjavik. We found this lovely landscape full of moss-covered hills, gorgeous golden sunshine and cute Icelandic horses. No Make-Up, the wind in her hair and a dress that screams spring! I’m still in love.



Sich in seinem Körper wohl fühlen, nein – sogar sinnlich, schön! Tolle Dessous ausprobieren. Sich fallen lassen. Sich und seinen eigenen wundervoll gemachten Körper annehmen, ja sogar feiern. Weiblichkeit. Schönheit.
DAS ist für mich Boudoir Fotografie.
Ja, ich biete auch stilvolle Boudoir-Shoots an und würde dies gerne in Zukunft auch ausbauen mit Frauen, die zu sich selbst stehen und mit mir zusammen tolle und wertvolle Erinnerungen schaffen wollen – vielleicht ja sogar als Hochzeitsgeschenk für den Zukünftigen?
DANKE, dass ich auf meinem Blog jetzt ein paar Eindrücke dieses wunderschönen Shootings zeigen darf – so kannst auch DU reinschnuppern, wie so etwas aussehen kann :)

Definition Boudoir – Was ist das eigentlich?

Ein Boudoir [bu’dwa:R] (frz. boudoir, von frz. bouder = schmollen, schlecht gelaunt sein) bezeichnete ursprünglich einen kleinen, elegant eingerichteten Raum, in den sich die Dame des Hauses zurückziehen konnte. Später bezeichnete das Boudoir allgemein das Ankleidezimmer. Bis heute ist der Begriff auch im Deutschen gebräuchlich.


Was ist Boudoir-Fotografie?

Boudoir-Fotografie bezeichnet eine bestimmte Art von erotischer Fotografie, die aber sehr sinnlich und stilvoll ist und die Weiblichkeit und individuelle Schönheit des Models hervorhebt. Geshootet wird z.B. in einem Schlafzimmer, meistens mit einem Hauch von Vintage eingerichtet. Hierbei sind besonders auch verschiedene Stoffe und Materialien wie Seide, Leinen, Spitze und Co. sehr schön. Für zukünftige Bräute eignet sich natürlich auch Brautschmuck, ein Blumenstrauß oder der Schleier, mit dem man tolle Fotos zaubern kann.


Having pets means you have to care for them around the clock. Of course, this can be exhausting, but people with pets would all agree, that it’s the best job in the world! I am, for example, a dog lover and that’s why the shoot with Linda and her dog Pip and horse Divo was very special for me. We had so much fun in the beautiful calm autumn forest and we created beautiful memories with a hint of fairytale! Also, I rode on the back of a horse for the first time in forever again, which was nice!

Good Bye, Autumn! You were awesome!



There are few who’d deny, at what I do I am the best
For my talents are renowned far and wide
When it comes to surprises in the moonlit night
I excel without ever even trying
With the slightest little effort of my ghostlike charms
I have seen grown men give out a shriek
With the wave of my hand, and a well-placed moan
I have swept the very bravest off their feet

(Jack Skellington, „Jack’s Lament“, Tim Burton’s The Nightmare before Christmas“)




Since I first stepped foot into this beautiful neighbourhood in London, I wanted to have a photo shoot right on the spot with all these pastel-coloured houses. Finally, I could realise is together with Kate, who I got to know via Instagram, and my friend Nina, who did the natural earth-toned make-up, which went really well with Kate’s colourful dress (doesn’t she look awesome in it?!)

We had a great time while strolling around in Notting Hill, visiting the Portobello Road Market to buy a huge bunch of flowers and visiting the beautifully calm mews. Come along!



Last year, I bought a beautiful blushed-coloured dress for a styled shoot, that never happened. Since then it hung, quite lonely really, in my living room and waited for a chance to come to use (except this one time when I wore it for a fairytale-selfportrait in the forest, take a look HERE).

Now that the magnolia trees are beautifully blooming I took this chance and shot this portrait session with my friend Nina in a blush palette.


I got to know Angelique in one of my classes of my art studies at university and I got to know her as a lovely and open girl, who laughs a lot :)

Together we spontaneously had a little portrait shoot and discoverd the beautiful winter wonderland outside before she had to head back to France to finish her year abroad.



The weather is always a major factor when it comes to a photo shoot. Especially in winter, it is difficult to plan ahead with this unpredictability. And when I picked up Marie from the train station, the expected sun wasn’t there, but instead it was really foggy. So, what do you do when things don’t go according to plan? Right, you make the best of it. And you know what? This winter fog was the best thing that could’ve happend to this shoot for it made the whole scenery quite mystical and wonderfully enchanted, along with the combination of tulle (my favourite skirt!) and knitwear.