How beautiful it is to capture a pregnancy – such a special time in life!

It was a pleasure to stroll through the calm, green forest with Franziska, Enrico and their lovely dog and snap some pictures of them! :)



To me, it is always a true pleasure to be documenting people’s lifes, especially when I meet the same group of people over and over again in different stages of their lifes. A few years ago I shot Lena + Flo’s wedding and since then I got to shoot his sister’s pregnancy, wedding and first newborn baby – and now, the whole family. It was so nice to see everybody again for a smmery family session in the fields not far from their home.

When it comes to family sessions, it is very important to me that everything is relaxed and easy-going. No stiff procedures, just you and whatever comes to your (or my) mind! When there is more than a single group of people, you also have the chance to get shots of different constellations, for example partens + kids, couples, grannys … You get my drift :) And that’s what we did this time and we had a lot of fun during the session!









Hey, I’m Emil! I’m the new guy here!

This little fella really stole my heart – he did such a good job for his first photo shoot and along with his parents Sandra + Alex and his granny, who was working in the garden, we created lovely and valuable memories! It’s always a pleasure and an honour for me to meet a new face on this planet :) Too cute!



Although Corona thwarted everyone’s plans for 2020, I somehow was blessed to be able to capture both the cherry blossoms and these lovely violet lupines. There are fields of them everywhere around my village, so we took our chance to capture the special phenomenon along with the beautiful baby belly of Carina.I’m in love with the images and I hope, you’re, too!


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Sometimes all it takes are 30 minutes to get beautiful pictures of special memories – such as a baby belly :) Together with Leona and Dominik, who are currently expecting their first child, we created natural, candid and fun images in the overwhelmingly beautiful cherry blossom streets of Marburg. I can smell spring when I look at this shoot! :)

Are you thinking about capturing this special time of your life? Don’t hesitate to get in touch!


Here are some tips concerning maternity shoots for you:

1. When is the best time for a shoot like this?

The best time to have a maternity shoot is around the last 6-4 weeks before the estimated date of delivery – this way the belly shows really nicely and you’re still comfortable.

2. What should I/we wear?

First of all: Please don’t wear anything you’re not feeling like yourself in. But – choose an outfit that highlights your curves / your belly, for example flowy dresses/skirts. Make sure you and your partner match in colour and pattern (nothing too crazy and mismatching).

3. How should I pose?

Keep it natural! There are many possibilities, for example interacting with your partner, massaging the belly, walking, cuddling – as long as you feel good and don’t have to think too hard about how you might look, it’s the right thing. 



In der Weihnachtsbäckerei
Gibt’s so manche Leckerei
Zwischen Mehl und Milch
Macht so mancher Knilch
Eine riesengroße Kleckerei
Wie schön ist es doch in der Vorweihnachtszeit, sich mit der ganzen Familie einen Nachmittag Zeit zu nehmen, um in der Küche gemeinsam Plätzchen zu backen!
Die Vorweihnachtszeit kann ja manchmal echt stressig sein (Und ich leugne nicht, dass Plätzchenbacken mit Kindern da ausgenommen ist :D), aber für mich persönlich war das immer eins der Highlights der Adventszeit meiner Kindheit … mit Mama und meiner Zwillingsschwester in der Küche stehen, den Teig kneten (und naschen!) und dann dabei zuschauen, wie die Vanillekipferl im  Ofen langsam goldbraun werden… Hachja!
Nadine und ihre Familie haben zwar keine Vanillekipferl gebacken, aber dafür wundervoll bunte und leckere Variationen, die die Vorfreude auf das Weihnachtsfest nur noch mehr geschürt haben :)


Precious moments together with the family,

a beautiful sunny day in the forest and at the beach.


I’m not even kidding when I say that I’ve never had so much fun at a family/engagement session!

Actually, I’ve never had such a crazy and (literally) colourful shoot before :)

After we explored a beautiful spot with apple trees – quite a bad idea because Emil was more interested in picking apples than taking photos, haha – we went down to a lake nearby, got out the colours and had a BLAST! Even the dog was intrigued and now that everybody was full of colours anyway, Lea and Julian decided to go for a swim in the warm summer light :)

This was truly magical! Thanks x



To me, photography is not (just) taking beautiful pictures. It’s also about documenting people’s journeys, their stories, their love. And it’s always a great honour for me when my clients trust me. That is really the most important thing.

When Miriam + Tobi contacted me and told me they were expecting, I was so, so happy for them, especially because I documented their beautiful and individual wedding two years earlier (You can see the images HERE).

A home story is a great way to take newborn portraits because the session is not dependent on the weather or the temperature. Another reason why I like to do this is that, as a new family, you feel (literally) at home, comfortable and save – especially when it comes to newborn babies, because you don’t want to put them through too much stress. You can just be yourselves and cuddle while enjoying this exciting first time as a family. 

I loved meeting little Oskar and he did such a great job!



I don’t like stiff family photos, taken in a studio in front of a boring backdrop, with everybody looking uncomfortably and unnaturally into the camera. That’s not reality. That’s not you.

You’re individual, funny, lovingly caring for each other. I want to go outside with you, walk barefoot through the grass, laugh and have a good time. I want to capture your love in an authentic way – Just as Della and Rose under a beautiful magnolia tree :)