Everybody needs a   F A V O U R I T E    P L A C E …

It’s some kind of promise. The kind that is reliable, absolute. The days are longer now, filled with the smell of freshly mown grass and the sound of chirping crickets. There’s a soft breeze of wind, slightly touching the sun kissed skin.

I dig my feet deeper into the soft grass. Taking a deep breath, filling my lungs with warm and sweet air. Soaking up all the lush colours around me until they start dancing before my eyes. The evening sunlight dances in golden glitter on the water surface, which is completely still, except for some dragonflies pinching it. I’m gliding silently though the water, lying on the surfboard, feeling the cool water touching my hand. Imagining the eyes of a nymph looking up to me from between the high grass of the riverbank.

Everything is golden and green, and full of memories. It’s just the sound of the crickets now, and of some water dripping into the pond. The water lilies are closing their luxurious blossoms now and I know, as soon as the sun is hiding behind the horizon, fireflies will pierce through the night.

The moon will bath this magical place in mysterious, silver light. The air is getting cooler. I rest my head on the ground and watch millions of stars come out to guide my way back home.

But I will leave my heart here, right here.

08 / 2016