Standing in front of a camera can be tricky. Especially, when it’s your first time. Obviously, you don’t know what do to and you might feel uncomfortbale due to the fact that you can’t see yourself (Does this look weird? What pose would be best? What should I do?).

But I can reassure you: That’s totally normal. And it’s ok to be insecure. In fact, I like first-timers way more than people who ’strike the pose‘, as they say. You know why? Because I want REAL emotion. Not some fake posing, looking unnatural (but, of course, inspiration is always a good thing and I usually guide my couples a bit so that they don’t feel lost).

Ann Chris and & Timo will be getting married this August and they took some time beforehand to take some natural and beautiful couple photos during our Engagement Session. This way, both parties (couple and photographer) can get to know each other better and have a good time together. On the wedding day, you will be more relaxed and you can enjoy your day even more, because you know what’s coming (plus, you get nice pictures in great evening light!).

They did such a great job, because they didn’t play-act. To get great couple photos, all you have to do is be yourselves. Cuddle, have fun, hug each other – short: BE IN LOVE!